Sustainability is a journey and we're doing everything we can to manufacture consciously with as little impact as possible.

Bra being made using a sewing machine

Slow, Conscious Fashion

'Sustainability' seems to be a big buzzword in the fashion industry at the moment, with lots of room for interpretation.

To us, sustainability means creating a luxury product that you’ll love, but that won’t compromise the needs of future generations. This means using resources thoughtfully, treating everyone involved in the production process fairly and generously, and using materials that can be completely reabsorbed by the planet.

At Daylight, we've taken as many steps as possible to ensure that our lingerie adheres to our definition of sustainability and are constantly searching for ways to reduce our environmental impact even further.


Small Batch Manufacturing

All our lingerie is handmade in small batches to avoid creating anything unnecessarily.

To limit waste, we've limited our styles - rather than following trends, at Daylight we have built a capsule collection of timeless designs that will suit all and always be in fashion.





What's In the Bra?

What's In the Bra?

Dyed lace hanging up to dry


Dyed To Order

We dye our lace in house, and as the dyeing process does require a lot of water, we only dye what we need to prevent unnecessary waste.

The dyes we use for our lace are heavy metal free and GOTS certified, meaning they don’t produce toxic pollutants when washed away.

As we dye in small batches, this means that colours can vary from batch to batch so make sure you buy knickers at the same time as your bra to guarantee a perfect match.


Fully Biodegradable

The main material used in our bras is lace, and here at Daylight, we use lace made from a specially developed biodegradable polyamide that, unlike Nylon, is made from natural materials.

The lace we use is soft, comfortable, and breathable, all whilst being completely biodegradable, meaning it will naturally decompose without releasing any harmful substances.

Bra being made using a sewing machine
Dyed elastic being hung up to dry


Natural Materials

Like the lace we use, the elastic in our bras is completely biodegradable, made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber. It’s completely plastic free and has a longer lifespan than conventional elastics, thus adding to the longevity of your bra.

While natural rubber does take a while to decompose (up to 50 years), it will be completely reabsorbed into the Earth, rather than, like other elastics, just breaking down into smaller plastics. It also won't release any harmful chemicals when it does decompose.

Please bear in mind that the use of natural rubber in our bras means that they aren't suitable for anyone who is allergic to latex.

Underwire casing


Being able to grow up to 120cm in a single day, Bamboo is a fast-regenerating resource, meaning it is rarely in short supply. Most of the time, bamboo is grown organically, without the need for fertilisers or pesticides.

Bamboo plants have strong roots, meaning they can thrive on slanting, degraded soils, as well as having the ability to stabilise and restore land. In addition to this, bamboo plants are often called ‘carbon sinks’; absorbing twice as much as carbon dioxide than trees, they're able to remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Scissors on fabric
Spools of thread



Tencel fibres originate from wood, a renewable raw material, and are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibres are certified as compostable biodegradable, meaning they will naturally decompose alongside the rest of the fabrics we use in our bras.

As well as having minimal environmental impact, Tencel is also strong and durable, thus adding to the longevity of your Daylight bra.


Perfectly Wrapped

Throughout our process we've made sure all of the labels and packaging used to protect and ship our bras are as low impact as possible. From recycled cardboard swing tags to organic cotton labels, we're trying to make everything as sustainable as we can. 

We are committed to buyer experience and want to make the receiving and unboxing of your Daylight bra as enjoyable as possible and we are also conscious of not generating any unnecessary waste. That’s why we only ship our bras in the packaging they need, so you don’t have lots of extra wrapping to throw away when you receive your bra. 

A hand holding a Daylight paper label


Recycling Scheme

When you’re done with your Daylight bra and need to dispose of it, we've got a recycling scheme in place to ensure minimal environmental impact.

This circular model means that you can send your bra back to us and we will compost the fabric and elastic and reuse the metal components in future bras.

If you're ready to recycle your bra, contact us below.

Recycle My Bra

Mission Statement

Our aim is to produce a product which creates minimal impact to the planet whilst offering you everything you need.

Small Batch

Made by a small team of skilled seamstresses in Yorkshire, all our bras are manufactured in small batches to reduce waste.


Both the lace and elastic we use in our bras are made from natural materials and are completely biodegradable, whilst still being soft and breathable.


If you send your bra back to us once you're finished with it, we will compost the fabric and elastic of the bra and reuse the metal components in future bras.

No Compromise On
Comfort & Support

We have spent months sampling the design of our bras to ensure that they make you feel as supported and as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions about the way we work or commitment to sustainable fashion, please get in touch.