About Us

About Us

Thoughtfully Designed, Beautifully Made

Aliss and Ellen started Daylight in 2021 with the intention of creating lingerie that has as little environmental impact as possible, without comprising on quality or comfort.

After months of sampling and prototyping, we've created a small collection of timeless designs that suit all and will never go out of fashion.

All of our bras are designed with real bodies in mind, and by using soft, high quality lace as well as implementing various design features to ensure an accommodating fit, we've developed a sustainable bra that is still as comfortable and supportive as possible.


Each bra is handmade from our HQ above Kirkgate Market in Leeds, with all sewing, dyeing and packaging done in house.

With a team of just four people, Daylight is a small start-up,
but we've got big plans!





Mission Statement

Our aim is to produce a product which creates minimal impact to the planet whilst offering you everything you need.

Small Batch

Made by a small team of skilled seamstresses in Yorkshire, all our bras are manufactured in small batches to reduce waste.


Both the lace and elastic we use in our bras are made from natural materials and are completely biodegradable, whilst still being soft and breathable.


If you send your bra back to us once you're finished with it, we will compost the fabric and elastic of the bra and reuse the metal components in future bras.

No Compromise On
Comfort & Support

We have spent months sampling the design of our bras to ensure that they make you feel as supported and as comfortable as possible.

The Team Behind Daylight


Founder, Design & Creative


Founder, Sales & Marketing




Marketing & Social