Let's Talk: Small Batch Manufacturing

Here at Daylight, we use a small batch production model to ensure that we’re creating as little waste as possible through our manufacturing process. Keep reading to learn more about small batch manufacturing and what it means for your Daylight Bra:

What is Small Batch Manufacturing?

As the name suggests, small batch manufacturing means making things in small quantities rather than mass producing. For us, this generally means only making bras when you order them, so we don’t hold lots of stock. We also dye all our lace in small batches using GOTS certified dyes; as the dyeing process does require a lot of water, we only dye what we need to prevent unnecessary waste. 

Why Small Batch?

The fashion industry has a massive problem with waste – over production means that the UK alone sends around 300,000 tonnes of clothes to landfill each year. Whilst we are aware that we are eventually creating waste by creating new pieces, by using small batch manufacturing we hope to minimise our impact as far as possible by only making what we need. 

What Does Small Batch Mean For Your Daylight Bra?

As we generally make when you order (rather than holding lots of stock), you might be waiting a couple of weeks for your bra to arrive, but you can be assured that it is handmade with the utmost care without creating unnecessary textile waste. 

Capsule Collection - As well as only making what is needed, our range is smaller to again minimise unnecessary waste. Rather than following trends, we have created a capsule collection of a few, timeless designs that will suit all and hopefully always be in fashion.

Size Adjustable and Accommodating Back - Our bras are also more widely size adjustable than most on the market, with each one being able to accommodate up to three back sizes. This means one Daylight size will accommodate multiple bra sizes, meaning our range is smaller (so we’re making less bras) whilst still being able to fit many bodies.

Made to Last - All of our underwear is ethically made from our HQ in Leeds, with all of our dyeing, cutting and sewing done in house. Each piece is handmade by our small team of talented seamstresses, whose extensive training and industry experience can guarantee the highest quality.

End of Life Scheme – Whilst we hope your Daylight bra lasts for a very long time, when you’re eventually done with it we have a recycling scheme in place to further minimise our impact. This means that if you send it back to us we will compost the fabric and elastic of the bra (which is all completely biodegradable) and reuse the metal components in future bras.⁠

As a small start-up, we are aware that our current size range is quite limited. Whilst we have plans to expand, if we don’t currently stock your size we might still be able to put something together so please drop us a message here!