All About Our Adjustable Back

At Daylight, our bras include a unique back design that means that they’re more widely size adjustable than most on the market, with one Daylight size fitting multiple bra sizes. As our sizing may seem slightly confusing, we’ve compiled this short blog post to explain more about how it works and why we make our bras so adjustable.

How it Works

You can find your bra size by calculating the difference between your cup (overbust) size and your band (underbust) size. This means that multiple bra sizes share a cup size, it’s just the band size that has changed - for example, the cup on a 32C is equivalent to that of a 30D and a 34B. As the back band on our bras is longer than other brands, it can extend to fit all three of these sizes whilst remaining comfortable and offering plenty of support. This means that one Daylight size can accommodate up to three bra sizes. 

Not sure on your bra size? Check out our fit guide and size calculator here.

Why so Adjustable?

Whilst the inclusion of multiple back straps may seem like we’re overcomplicating things, we’ve included this design feature for a couple of reasons:


As one Daylight size fits multiple bra sizes, this means our product range is smaller whilst still being able to fit many bodies. Coupled with our small batch production model, the adjustability of our bras means overall we are making less bras, thus minimising unnecessary textile waste.


At Daylight, longevity is at the centre of everything we do - our bras are investment pieces that are built to last. Rather than following trends we have created a small capsule collection of timeless designs, with each bra being handmade by a small team of talented seamstresses whose extensive training and industry experience can guarantee high, lasting quality. Our adjustable back is part of this commitment to longevity; as our bras can more easily adjust to the natural change of your body, they will be more lasting to you as a customer.

If you have any questions about our adjustable back or anything to do with our bras, drop us a message at